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Open Data System to provide real time traffic data to reduce traffic jams

License : CC0
In progress
Update: Feb 4, 2020

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- Description of the idea : The main goal is to provide a system that can provide a real time information about the traffic and aware car owners about the current state of the traffic on a road in order to reduce traffic jams. - Users : cars owners - User interface : mobile app
Update: Jan 7, 2020 (YAWOVI Helton)
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An example of a real time traffic information system
How to use iHighway | Real Time Traffic Information | Tolls & Traffic | Central Nippon Expressway Company
You can check the tolls and traffic situation on expressways managed by NEXCO Central Nippon (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited) such as the Tomei, Meishin, Shin Tomei and Shin Meishin. This is the explanation of how to use iHighway.
Update: Jan 7, 2020 (YAWOVI Helton)
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Update: Jan 14, 2020 (YAWOVI Helton)
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Update: Feb 4, 2020 (YAWOVI Helton)

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