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"SEM Search Engine Marketing training in BTM- Koramangala- Malleshwaram Bangalore Online-Classroom search engine marketing training is designed for website owners and professionals in marketing agencies or corporate marketing departments who want to enhance their skills in the high-demand, high-reward fields of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. This course is ideal for SEO managers and executives, content writers, and account managers. PPC campaign managers and supporting team members will also benefit, as will CMOs, webmasters, media buyers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs. Call us @ +91 96113 61147‬, +91 9611303057 What You’ll Learn Introduction to SEM-Search Engine Marketing Introduction to various online revenue models Introduction to digital marketing Understanding of online ecosystem Basic understanding of website structure : PHP, .Net, CSS, Url, Links, Content, UGC, web hosting, servers, secured network, User data, etc. Online marketing fundamentals:"
Update: Aug 6, 2021

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