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paper minecraft

License : CC0
Minecraft is an attractive survival game, coming to the game you will be able to explore a new world, a world made up of cubes. In the survival Mincraft game, the player's main task is to control 1, 2 or 3 characters to move together in the large Minecraft world, collect all the coins available on the map and return home one day. safe way. Style play: Minecraft is an open world where players can do everything with the ultimate aim of survival. The game has 2 viewing angles, the first and the third, players can choose according to their preferences to enjoy the game world in the most comfortable way. Minecraft world is created from cubes, players combine cubes to create tools and weapons, besides you can create massive architecture from cubes. In general at paper minecraft the cube is everything. Game mode: Can customize 3 levels (Peacefull - Easy - Hard) Starting from empty hands, you can play according to the story or build a survival house like Robinson Cruise. Experience the player like real survival, with parameters of hunger, other, disease, poisoned, ... Everything in this mode, you have to find by yourself, the items are assembled according to the recipe, so be careful to collect the wrong recipe! During the game, Monsters like: Zombie, Skelecton, etc. will attack to destroy and kill you, so you need to be on guard at all times.
Update: Sep 14, 2022

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You are too bored with real life. You are too tired to follow the orders of the people around you. You can't even act according to your will. Then life is no longer interesting I was also like you. Of course, I found a place to relieve my heart. In the summer of that year, my friend and I discovered this game. Minecraft is an open world where you and your teammates are allowed to do whatever you want. The ultimate goal in Paper Minecraft is still to exist in the world of our own making. With 2 first and third-person perspectives, too full for the gaming experience. The control button system is very easily similar to the original game. We spent our whole summer enjoying it to the fullest. everything is great. We do everything we want. build and destroy everything we enjoy and hate. We make fascinating adventures. It's so moving that I tell it to you now.
Paper Minecraft
Paper Minecraft is a 2D game inspired by the legendary building game Minecraft. You can build whatever you want. There are no boundaries in this world.
Update: Sep 14, 2022 (jasoon tran)

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