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Winter Trend

Update:Sep 24, 2021

While we might begin to exit the summer heat, The fashion calendar predicts the winter season is approaching. So, regarding the latest trends available in stores and online, I think it's time you should begin thinking about your fall outfit. Whether it's the return of boots and jackets, Halloween festivities, or just kicking back and watching some football, there's a lot to love about the fall season. Check out Charcoal For us fashion-forward folk, fall is an opportunity to step our style game up in more ways than one. The cooler temperatures allow for more layering without sweating right through your threads. There are so many ways to express one's style when it comes to men's fall fashion. It's an ideal time to layer up and not looking as if you're running the Iditarod--i.e., it's the time to take full advantage of your fashion. From Fur collars through graphic knits to monochromic print shirts, here are some trends you need to know to make sure you are the most fashionable person in town once the leaves begin to change. Quilted Jackets Quilted jackets are no longer just for casual bankers and British country aristocrats, and these quilted jackets will be all over the place this fall and come in a variety of styles as well. Quilted bombers and moto jackets, and even quilted blazers are going to be the go-to outfit for colder days. Shearling and Fur Collars Who doesn't want a fuzzy, warm feeling around their necks in the winter months? If you like the Russian general style or Tom Cruise from Top Gun, lots of fur and shearling collars are available this winter. Graphic clothing made of knitwear In Summer, we saw graphics on T-shirts, and now, we're getting graphic knitwear for the fall of 2021. It's logical as it's difficult to showcase an awesome graphic t-shirt when cold and chilly weather. Wide Leg Trousers More loosely tailored clothing has been coming back for a couple of seasons and, although you shouldn't completely throw out your slim pants just yet, a pair of more wide-cut pants are sure to help. The key to wear these is to opt for a more loose, casual style. More Adventurous Costumes Despite what's said in certain corners, it's not going to disappear soon. Instead, however, it's evolving. The traditional suit broadened its boundaries from more daring styles, colors, and patterns to mixing with sneakers, boots, and t-shirts. Statements There's always been a trend for fashion statements. However, this year you'll see lots of statement pieces on clothes. We can thank the turbulent times or perhaps the growing popularity of Vetements; however, clothes these days are becoming a bit pretentious. Supersized Proportions From t-shirts, sweaters to jackets and hoodies, the oversized proportions will be all over the place this autumn. The key to making it work is mixing the large item with something more streamlined. For example, this shirt is oversized, and paired with a slim (but not thin) pair of trousers or tailored jeans will look good. Turtleneck Sweaters The turtleneck sweater made a massive comeback in the last two seasons, and now this trend is gaining momentum. So expect to see more variants of the roll-neck (that's the English term for it) in knitwear this fall. The 80s and 90s nostalgia Perhaps it's because we're looking for a simpler time. However, the 80s and 90s have had a significant impact on the style of the past. Be it grunge, New Wave, classic hip-hop, formal dressing, and street fashion, be prepared to see more of the nostalgia from the '80s and 1990s this autumn. Silk Shirts In the summer of 2012, the shirts became more daring with bold patterns and camp collars. We expect this trend to last through the fall season with silk shirts. They'll be accommodating when looking for ways to spice up your tailored look. Monochrome Prints Concerning childhood memories, the monochrome prints exhibited in the European streets during Fashion Week served as a small reminder of our childhood memories of "101 Dalmatians'. Incredibly graphic, bold, and unique, Fashion Week attendees weren't afraid to express their creativity in the most basic and straightforward colors. If you're not so daring, try incorporating the black and white colors in traditional patterns like striking stripes, ginghams, or nature-inspired patterns that look more classic but always chic. But remember, whatever style and clothes you go for, make sure they are good quality because clothes get quickly rough or damaged in winter.